The Rhémy story

Established in 2019, Rhémy is a New Zealand brand producing hand crafted luxe leather goods and classic clothing. Founder, Mindy Madden, is a dedicated creator with years of experience and expertise working under mentors from design houses such as Hermes, YVY, and Oroton. Mindy has also developed for top Australian brands and worked in Europe, gaining the skills and experience to launch her first solo collection back in New Zealand, where it all started.

Mindy believes in slow fashion – crafted by hand – and made to last. Turning away from mass production, each piece is skilfully and thoughtfully developed to create a personal luxury. Made in New Zealand from the finest leather and components, Mindy has travelled the world to source from the best tanneries and merchants, resulting in a truely unique offering.

The goal of the brand is to attract customers who feel a sense of excitement  for the products we make. We want our customers to feel empowered and proud to wear our leather goods, and be a part of the Rhémy brand.

With this in mind, we value your investment. That means we are careful with the amount of items we produce- respecting your purchase of a handmade product  - and in a sea of fleeting consumption, offering truely unique pieces from the bottom of the world. This is where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design. 

We believe in organic growth, giving us the time to respect the product, and obsess over the details. We are committed to quality, ethical sourcing, fair work conditions and most importantly, building lasting relationships with our customers.