Leather Care

Leather is a natural material and is therefore subject to change from hide to hide. Changes in the texture and colour of the leather and signs of wear are normal. Vegetable Tanned leather will oxidise in sunlight and variations in colour will occur when exposed, so avoid direct exposure. Over time, a natural patina will develop to create a uniquely personalised leather piece.

While we choose the best hides and handle them with care and respect, small dents, dings, scratches, or blemishes may be found within the product and come from the experiences of the animal. Irregularities in the consistency in each piece should not be considered a fault but inherent of the natural qualities of the material. In particular, Vegetable Tanned Leather is a natural product, using tannin solutions that are made up of organic substances present in trees like Oak, Chestnut or Mimosa. There are also a large number of other types of trees and plants used. The process takes up to two months to develop and is mainly done by hand. Because of the nature of this leather, the natural qualities are often visible and create a unique and special appearance that only gets better with age. 

As a general rule, keep your leather goods away from moisture, liquids and direct sunlight. Store properly in a dust-bag when not in use and ensure you use stuffing in your bags/accessories where possible to retain their shape when not in use. Never overfill or put an inappropriate amount of weight in your bag. Leather naturally stretches, but will not contract again, so avoid putting heavy or large items in your bag to keep its shape.

Please note that dark leather may rub off on light clothing, and dark colours (including clothing) may rub off on light leather. 

To prevent the leather from developing marks or scratches, avoiding exposure to abrasive surfaces. This will help to minimise damage.

Should your leather piece get wet, allow it to dry at room temperature – do not put it near any heat to accelerate the process.

Please note that dark leather can be subject to colour transfer or stains, so take care when wearing light coloured clothing. 

For further assistance in care or cleaning, we recommend taking our products to a trusted leather specialist.